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The Reverend David Bryant BA

Many of you will remember the visit my brother made to us nearly 2 years ago, to show us pictures of the Grail Trust Home in Southern India. We followed it with an Indian meal with food brought by everyone. It was a very happy and successful evening.

Gerry took some photos and one of my brother is in the back of Brechfa church., showing David looking fit and happy, doing the work he loved.

Shortly afterwards he was diagnosed with skin cancer. He had one year of reasonable health then, before he began radiotherapy and chemotherapy, he paid a last visit to the Grail Trust Home. He died on May 22nd, aged only 58,surrounded by his family and pictures of his beloved Indian "children."

As a memorial I thought it would be fitting to try to do something for the Grail Trust and especially the girls, for without David’s intervention they would not have been at the Grail Home.

It has been suggested that a scholarship to allow one of the girls to take up nursing would be appropriate. In order to do this I am having a Grand Coffee Morning, in the garden, I hope, on Saturday August 4th. There will be a cake, handicraft and bring and buy stalls. We are hoping that several members of our family will be able to come, all of our friends from Brechfa Forest area and everyone from the whole of Wales is invited too, though in that case there might be a delay while we wash up cups!!

A little later we might be able to have another Indian meal evening, and either Jonathan Robinson, the director, or Lynda, if she feels able, could show some more pictures and tell us about her visit to Chinnammalpuram. We would then be able to hand over the money that had been raised.

Thank you to everyone who sent cards, expressed sympathy or came to the funeral.

Mary King


I know everybody would like to express their sympathy to John, Sylvia and Aled on the loss of Sharon. Sharon was very active in this community and she will be missed very much.

The Vicar


Sympathy extended to Christine Thomas and family, 9 Bromarlais on the death of her sister, Mary Davies from Llangunnor.


Easter Vestry

Abergorlech Easter Vestry was held on April 17th at the village hall chaired by our vicar Rev. Dr. G. Sykes, and commenced with a prayer. As usual it was attended by a sincere band of church workers. There was a feeling of great enthusiasm at the meeting in continuing God’s work in the parish and in particular the parish Church. Mrs. Betty Thomas and Mrs. Nadine Sheppard were thanked by the Vicar for their work during the year, and were re-elected wardens of St. David’s Church, as was the secretary Mr. Arwyn Thomas and Haydn Davies treasurer.

Church is a place for worship
But also a place for rest
Where your friends and family congregate
For occasions we need to be blessed.
With every blessing to each and everyone.

Merched – y – Wawr

Daeth llawer o aelodau merched-y-wawr i’r neuadd ar Ebrill 20fed i fwynhau noson gyda’i gilydd. Cafwyd noson hyfryd mae’n debyg, yn arbennig cwrdd ag aelodau o ganghennau eraill o’r mudiad. Fe fyddai hynny yn fantais fawr I aelodau mudiadau eraill, felly diolch yn fawr iawn i fudiad merched-y-wawr am ddangos y ffordd mewn byd hyd yn oed yng nghefn gwlad lle mae nabod pobol "drws nesa" yn mynd yn beth dieithr y dyddiau hyn.

Noson Rhostio yr oen

Daeth llu o bobl i’r neuadd nos Wener Mai y bedwaredd i godi arian tuag at Eisteddfod yr Urdd sydd yn cael ei chynnal yng Nghaerfyrddin eleni. Trefnwyd y noson gyda aelodau cymdeithas y gymuned. Llywyddwyd gan y wraig hyfryd, a bonheddig Mrs. Sara Jones o Alltyblacca, un o blant yr ardal. Cafwyd hwyl gyda’n gilydd mewn noson arbennig i helpu mudiad yr urdd a hyfryd oedd gweld aelodau o’r gymdeithas a gwên ar ei wynebau wrth weld yr arian yn dod i mewn tuag at Urdd Gobaith Cymru. Ie dyna ein Gobaith ni fel cenedl, ydi rhoddi helpllaw, fel petai, i blant ein gwlad ni, a phob un rwyf yn siwr, a fu yn yr Eisteddfod, yn medru dweud ar ôl hynny . "Diolch i chwi ieuenctid Cymru, mae dyfodol ein gwlad a’n diwylliant ni rwy’n siwr mewn dwylo cadarn".

Ascension Day 17th May 2007

An evening of hope and indeed an everlasting relationship occurred in a simple service within the historic remains of Talley Abbey on Ascension Day. The evening was led by Canon J. Penberthy and the Ven. Hywel Jones from Aberystwyth delivered a powerful sermon. The Ven. Hywel Jones will be remembered as Vicar of Llansawel, Talley and Caio 1970 – 1979. It was a pleasure to see him back with us and looking well, especially as he hasn’t enjoyed the best of health in recent times. Diolch yn fawr am noson arbennig.

St. David’s Church Flower Festival

The Grand week-end arrived on May 26th, 27th and 28th. The Church had been decorated with great dignity and indeed pleasure, for the festival, by parishioners and friends from as far as the Forest of Dean. The Village Hall also played a major part in the celebrations with interesting photographs and farm implements recalling the days gone by, and of course the ‘Abergorlech’ cakes and jam stalls, not forgetting the special cups of tea from the ‘Sunday Best’ crockery. Really the hall activities were on par with the Flower Festival financially speaking.

The parishioners and friends of St. David’s Church gave all our visitors a great welcome and a week-end was, in the immortal words of one of our 20th century Vicars, ‘Enjoyed by one and all’.

Do fe fwynhaodd pawb yr ?yl arbennig yma hyd yn oed pobl ar y phone, wedyn i roddi eu diolch, am y bu pawb mor gyfeillgar iddynt ar ei ymweli a’n Eglwys neulltuol ni yn y cwm yma. Ie a’r ‘cakes ar jam’ neulltuol, ac yn enwedig y te a hefyd fel y dywedais, yn y saesneg defnyddiwyd y ‘Sunday Best Crockery’. Ie dyna fel mae merched Eglwys Dewi Sant yn caru edrych ar ôl ymwelwyr sydd yn dod atom ni i’r pentref arbennig yma.

Y Gymanfa

Cynhaliwyd y Gymanfa eleni yn Eglwys Caio ar Fehefin y 10fed. Cafwyd oedfa yn y prynhawn am 2.30 ac yn yr hwyr am 6.00. Cafwyd gwasanaeth Ann a Gillian wrth y canu a’r organ eto. Mawr yw ein parch ni i’r ddwy dywysoges yma o Cil-llyn fawr. Sut byddai ein cymanfa ni hebddynt?!! Do, fe gafwyd gymanfa hyfryd. Y prynhawn, wel cystal ag un o’r cymanfaoedd y deg mlynedd ddiwetha wedwn i. Ie i’r darlenwyr na fu yno (ar wahan i gyfeillion sydd yn methu bod gyda ni oherwydd annwyldeb). Ceisiwch fod gyda ni flwyddyn nesaf. Fe gewch fwynhad a gogiant o’r goruchaf, credwch fi.

Ymweliad y Ffrindiau

Hyfryd, oedd croeshawu aelodau o fydiad y ‘Mother’s Union’ Tycroes a Llanedi ar cylch i Eglwys Dewi Sant ar Fehefin 13eg. Roeddent ar ddiwrnod i dalu ymweliad ag Eglwysi eraill hefyd (fe drefnwyd ymweliad ag Eglwys Dewi Sant yn ystod ein G?yl Flodau). Fe roddwyd iddynt ychydig o hanes seyfydliad yr Eglwys yn Abergorlech a mwynhaodd yr aelodau tua awr o amser tu fewn i fuyriau ein Eglwys hyfryd ni. Ac wrth gwrs ‘Recital’ ar ein organ gyda organyddes un o’r Eglwysi, ac hefyd un a fu wrth yr hen organ flynyddoedd maith yn ôl mewn cymanfa pan drwy fod yn anffodus, roedd yr organyddes apwyntiedig na’i dirprwy yn methu bod yno oherwydd rwy reswm hollol wahanol. Mawr oedd gan Nadine a fi y gyfeillgarwch a gawson yng ngwmni y gwragedd arbennig yma. Pob bendith fod arnoch aelodau y ‘Mother’s Union’ Tycroes a Llanedi a’r cylch. Diolch am eu cwmnni. Cawn eto gwrdd gobeithio.

Our thoughts are with people who have been in hospital, may you soon be back with us and in better health. We continually have in our prayers our friends and acquaintances who do not enjoy good health, and are confined to their homes. We send our sincere regards to you.

Abergorlech News collected by D. Haydn Davies


Gift Day

Thank you to everyone who helped with St Teilo’s Gift day. So far the total raised stands at £4,341 and there will be gift aid on top of that.

Brechfa Shop

We have lost quite a few volunteers from the shop rota this last couple of months. If you can help by working in the shop for a couple of hours please contact Mike Chambers 01267 223052. If you want to know what is involved in volunteering why not just have a chat with one of the volunteers.

Ysgol Brechfa PFA Plant Sale 2007

A big thank you to all those who helped this year’s plant sale to be such a successful morning. Over £800 pounds was taken on the day from the sale of plants (many of which were kindly donated by parents and supporters of the plant sale in the valley and beyond). As usual the produce and bottles stalls sold out fast with many raffle prizes won and tea and coffee available to all. Again thank you for helping to raise valuable funds for the school it is much appreciated.

Brechfa Carnival

Carnival Costume Making Workshop

In Brechfa Church Hall on Saturday the 14th of July between 1 and 4pm. Entry Free. Please bring bits with you.

18th July

Treasure Hunt at 6:00pm, entry £5.00 per car
BBQ in Ty Mawr

20th July

Bingo in the village hall 8:00pm.

21st July Carnival, Costumes, Competition, Lots of Prizesl

2:30pm. Stalls, Games, Children’s races, hammer game, terrier racing, sponge throwing, ice cream, burgers, tug of war, face painting, pugil sticks, duck race, human fruit machine. President Mr and Mrs Clive Douch.

21st July Party in The Park

Victoria park 7:30pm. Disco, BBQ, Bar

G^wyl Glyn Cothi Festival –Autumn Fair 2007

This year’s Autumn Fair in Brechfa will be held on Saturday the 20th of October in the church hall and marquee. As usual there will be a varied selection of seasonal stalls to browse round and refreshments available during the day’s event.

New this year will be a "Best Decorated Pumpkin Face" competition, with all entries displayed on Saturday at the fair. Details and entry forms will be made available nearer the event! Application forms for stalls will be kept in the Community Shop, Brechfa and attained from Rachael Davies 01267 202711.


To Fred and Menna on their wedding on Saturday 7th July. We all wish them well for the future.

Gwernogle News

On Friday 1st June Kevin Thomas London House Gwernogle married Katherine Langford from Suffolk in Southwold Suffolk


They have both been living and working in Oslo Norway for the last two years. Both working for The Norwegian Institute for Water Research (NIVA)

Kevin is past pupil of Ysgol Brechfa and Ysgol Gyfun Bro Myrddin Carmarthen. They would like to thank family and friends for all the cards and gifts they received and also thank everyone that travelled to the Wedding party on the Saturday. Yvonne

Diolch yn fawr I bawb.