Editorís Letter

Probably the thing everyone wants to know is how we got on in Hong Kong. Iím afraid there is no definite answer yet. The important thing is for us to think seriously about the future of the church because our three churches do have a future. Wherever our future lies, Akole, Rhys and I will eventually move on and that is likely to be in the next two years. That doesnít mean that Abergorlech, Brechfa and Llanfihangel will be without a priest but the vicar will probably not live in Brechfa. The main thing is that you wonít be abandoned or closed down. We need to start working now to prepare for the future. We need to start cooperating with the churches around us now.

The truth is that the future of the church is in your hands, the hands of the community and congregation. The vicar can set the tone and help the church on its way but the people who do evangelism and mission are the congregations. It is kind acts and words of love and faith that attract people to the faith. Everyone needs to know the basis of the Christian faith in order to tell others about it. Thoughtless, unkind and selfish acts and words put people off the church. We are ambassadors for Christ, and like ambassadors our words need to be carefully thought out before we say them out loud. When people visit our church for Christmas, Easter, Harvest, weddings and funerals we need to remember that they are our honoured guests. We must not complain if we think they are just using the church, arenít joining in or that they are not putting enough in the collection. We need to be generous and giving just like Jesus was.

It is too easy to become depressed but the Bishop and Archdeacon are trying very hard to think of ways that this group can have a bright future. Uncertainty is always difficult Ė and it is difficult for Akole, Rhys, Enfys and myself. So letís all look forward with hope.

The Vicar