Editorís letter

Haydn King took the photo on the front. It shows what happens if you donít look out for warning signs. What sort of a world will we live in if we ignore the warning signs of global poverty, unfair trade and discontent with the west.

We are doing a little to think about these signs in our community through our programme of meeting together to have a meal, listen to a talk and raise money for charities. I think these have been working really well. They have been far more than a church event because lots of people from the community have come along to enjoy themselves, become informed and raise money. For the church it has been important because it turns our attention away from ourselves and our financial problems and focuses of those with much greater needs. In early December we had a meal and talk to raise money for Christian Aid. Ephraim Disi from Malawi spoke to us about his experiences as an HIV+ pastor in Africa. I feel that it was especially moving because he was speaking from first hand experiences

Here's some more information about AIDS in Malawi/UK

Average income per head p.a. £106 £14,153

Number with HIV 1 million 34,000

AIDS deaths in 2001 80,000 460

Number of doctors 200 124,500

Health spending in 2002 £32.5 million £73 billion

Population 10.7million 59.7million

We raised £256 towards the work of Christian aid.

The next event will be on Shrove Tuesday (Pancake day). We will be having pancakes followed by a video of our trip to Nagaland. You have already read something about the trip in Clychauír Cwm, now see the film.

The Vicar