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Vicar's Letter


By now most people in the area will have heard about the Dioceseís plans for the future. The Church in Wales is under extreme financial pressure, because of falling numbers and low levels of giving the church simply can not afford to employ so many priests. The number of paid priests has to be cut in this Diocese from 120 to 84, but the Bishop would like to keep 100 so 16 more than the Church in Wales will fund. For this group of parishes it means that their will no longer be a vicar in Brechfa. It is suggested that Abergorlech join with the Llansawel Group while Brechfa and Llanfihangel join Llanegwad. The exact way that the parishes are put together is negotiable but not the presence of a vicar in Brechfa.

This puts my family and myself in a difficult position. I donít see we can really stay here in the long term. We are looking at things we might do and we are considering working abroad. Following this up we have been invited to meet the Dean and council of Hong Kong Cathedral in January for an interview. Even if that doesnít work out I think that we are unlikely to be able stay here more than 2 years.

This state of affairs also has an impact on Clychauír Cwm so I am not putting in subscription forms for next year, we will all have to wait to see what happens. I am talking to Revd. Philip Johnes and Revd. Roger Hughes about joining our magazine with theirs. One thing we do need is for someone to collect and type the news from Brechfa (this already happens in Abergorlech and Gwernogle).

This all sounds rather gloomy but it doesnít have to be. The future is in your hands. Everyone will still have a vicar but he or she wonít live in Brechfa any more. That means the churches have to get used to doing things themselves. In truth it has always been the case that the future of the church is in Gods hands and in your hands.

The Vicar