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Christmas Cards throughout the Year

Iím sure we all receive Christmas cards from people we are geographically distant from but of whom we have fond memories. Itís always good to read news or just get that feel good factor from seeing who theyíre from. However, the Christmas season is a busy and sometimes intense one in terms of emotions, and with so many cards coming through in such a short time we find it difficult to truly appreciate them all. . . . .So

Last Christmas all the cards and newsletters went in a box when the decorations were packed away and when Lynn and I say prayers together, we take one or two out of the box. We donít remember who the cards were from until we open them to see the handwriting and greeting, maybe with a bit of news. We think about the senders and include them in our prayers. It feels so special. We didnít get through them all until October this year!

Just about the time to start thinking about sending Christmas cards . . . .

Mike and Lynn Chambers