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Henry Herbert Berry.
Henry Berry was known as Harry to many of his friends and Hen to close family. We remember him and his family. Henry was 88 years old so, he met Vera just after the war. They were married in 1946. They had two children Tony (1949) and Dave (1955). He was a great family man. For many years Henry worked on the Daily Mirror and he was working there when he retired.
Henry and Vera were Londoners and enjoyed going to the West End to see shows. They enjoyed holidays by the seaside in Yarmouth and Walton on the Naze. Once they went to Holland to see the tulips, but I think they were a bit disappointed to see then in straight rows.
For many years Henry had a ford Cortina, which he loved with no expense spared. He was often out polishing his car. He also liked growing vegetables and to be honest he would probably prefer a wreath of beetroot to flowers.
Henry and Vera moved here just over a year ago. It was a shock when Henry died because he seemed so well. Now he has gone beyond our ability to care for him but he is still cared for.

Mary Bryant
Ron and Mary met in Portslade when Ron was 8 years old. Mary lived in the house opposite and they played together a lot. In his teens Ron moved to Portslade from London, Mary had also moved house and once again they lived opposite each other. They married when they were sill in there teens and started a love affair with each other that lasted over 60 years. They were in business together and both needed to be involved. Mary always said “If that’s what you want to do, Ron, then let’s do it.”
She had 10 operations, some serious, but she never complained or say, “Why me, why not someone else.” As the last illness approached she said, “It’s bad news Ron, But we will make the best of it.” When she was sick from the chemotherapy she said to the doctor, crying, “I am so worried about Ron, he has to go into hospital for a nasty operation on his stomach.” The doctors looked at each other in amazement.
After her treatment, the Macmillan nursed helped care for her at home. When she got too ill to be at home she went to Ty Bryngwyn at Price Phillip hospital, Llanelli. Throughout all her illness she was cared for well by all the medical staff. Mary died in Ron’s arms, which was fitting after so many years together.
Ron would like to thank Drs Davies and Evans form Nangaredig, all the nurses and carers, The staff of Ty Bryngwyn, and all the family and friends who have sent cards or expressed their sympathy.


Diolch / Thank you
Akole, Gerry, Rhys and Enfys would like to thank everyone for the cards, flowers and expressions of sympathy after the death of Akole’s Sister, Apele.

Diolch/ThanksWyn and Eleri Outside Church
Dymuna Wyn ac Eleri ddiolch i bawb am eu cyfarchion a’i dymuniadau gorau adeg eu prodas yn ddiweddar. Hefyd diolch am yr holl gardiau, rhoddion a dderbunion a’r dymuniadau gorau i’r dyfodd.

Wyn and Eleri would like to thank everyone for their best wishes during their recent wedding. Also they would like to thank everyone for all the cards and generous gifts which they received during the occasion.

Wyn and Eleri leaving Church

Dathlu pen-blwydd “Miss Lenny”

Hannah a Maria Jones a Rhys Sykes yn chwythu cannhwyllau ar y gacen.
Dymuna Iris ddiolch yn fawr iawn am y cardiau a’r cyfarchion.

Miss Lenny Birthday


Congratulations to Aled and the team from the Vale of Towy Y.F.C. who won the shield in the Carmarthenshire English Speaking Competition. The two other members were Heledd Edwards of Llanegwad and Ceiros Davies of Nantgaredig.

Ysgol Brechfa

Eisteddfod Abergorlech

Ar Ddydd Sadwrn, Tachwedd 12fed bu nifer o ddisgyblion Ysgol Brechfa yn cystadlu yn Eisteddfod Abergorlech. Gwnaeth y plant eu gwaith yn ardderchog a dyma’r canlyniadau

Adrodd dan 8 oed
1af Ffion Dart
2il Sasha Gardiner
3ydd Joshua Berry
Caradog Hanna- Davies
Clod mawr i Rhydian Davies
Siôn Davies
Brychan Davies

Canu dan 8 oed
1af Sasha Gardiner
2il Ffion Dart
3ydd Joshua Berry
Clod mawr i Rhydian Davies
Siôn Davies
Brychan Davies
Caradog Hanna- Davies

Adrodd dan 10 oed
1af Kelly Gardiner
2il Arwel Davies
3ydd Joshua Joynson
Bethan Denman

Canu dan 10 oed
1af Sophie Davies
2il Arwel Davies
3ydd Joshua Joynson

Adrodd dan 12 oed
1af Alexander Carmichael

Plant Mewn Angen

Ar ddiwrnod Plant Mewn Angen codwyd £181.10 gan blant Ysgol Brechfa drwy wisgo gwisg ffansi a chynnal dawnsio noddedig. Diolch i bawb am eu cefnogaeth

Cyngerdd Nadolig

Cynhelir Cyngerdd Nadolig Ysgol Brechfa ar Nos Fercher Rhagfyr 14eg am 7 o’r gloch yn Neuadd yr Eglwys Brechfa. Croeso cynnes i bawb.

Eisteddfod Abergorlech.

On Saturday November 12th Ysgol Brechfa pupils competed in the local Eisteddfod at Abergorlech. The children performed exceptionally well and these are the results

Recitation under 8 years
1st Ffion Dart
2nd Sasha Gardiner
3rd Joshua Berry
Caradog Hanna- Davies
Well done also to Rhydian
Davies, Siôn Davies and Brychan Davies

Solo under 8 years
1st Sasha Gardiner
2nd Ffion Dart
3rd Joshua Berry
Well done also to Rhydian Davies
Siôn Davies
Brychan Davies
Caradog Hanna- Davies

Recitation under 10 years
1st Kelly Gardiner
2nd Arwel Davies
3rd Joshua Joynson
Bethan Denman

Solo under 10 years
1st Sophie Davies
2nd Arwel Davies
3rd Joshua Joynson

Recitation under 12 years
1st Alexander Carmichael

Children in Need

The children raised £181.10 for Children in Need by wearing Fancy Dress and sponsored dance. We would like to thank everybody for their support.

Christmas Concert

Ysgol Brechfa’s School Concert this year is on Wednesday December 14th at 7.00 p.m. at the Church Hall. A warm welcome to everyone.


Remember the Bring and Buy on Saturday evening December 3rd 2005 at 7.00pm. A local girl, who is now living in Cardiff, will open the proceedings. Father Christmas will also be in attendance. Please don’t forget the date. We are looking forward to seeing you.

D.Haydn Davies

It is amazing how many people are celebrating their eightieth birthdays in 2005 – 2006. Our regards and best wishes go to them all – from the Cothi Valley.

D.Haydn Davies

Many people from the valley have been in hospital lately. We wish you well and that you will be better soon. Our thoughts are with you, God Bless you as you regain perfect health in the very near future.

D.Haydn Davies

Church Funds

One evening recently I was reading some literature referring to how one can raise funds for church needs such as repairs, upkeep and the ever mounting financial requirements, when I came across a small block (as if a little envelope) headed “My weekly gift for the work of the church”, and underneath were the well known words from the Scripture “Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also”. I thought I must share these words with my fellow parishioners and of course readers of Clychau’r Cwm, because as a church treasurer, now with some forty-four years experience, here at Abergorlech and in London, I thought the line read “Where your treasurer is (don’t forget the R) there will your heart be also”. Two good sentences with different meanings, but both very appropriate, so don’t forget your Church or indeed Chapel treasurers at this time of the year when he or she is working hard to balance the books. This leads me to refer to a meeting of Church Treasurers held recently within the Archdeaconry when the special speaker started quoting figures, yes figures which I was used to in business in London, but on my return to “Cefn Gwlad” had to adjust my thinking. Hence, my intrusion in his speech by saying “When are you going to come down to figures we are used to in our little Churches?” Mind you I was very courteous to the gentleman and we left the meeting (which was very, very well attended) as very good friends.

D.Haydn Davies

Gwernogle and Llanfihangel Rhos Y Corn Church

Animal Blessing

This year their was a workshop before the animal blessing service. Thank you to everyone who took part in the workshop and the service. The children made some excellent collages, which are on display on the church notice board.

Fr. Lionel Fanthorpe was our harvest preacher this year. We are grateful to him for coming all the way from Cardiff and giving us an entertaining and instructive sermon.

Fr Lionel Fanthorpe


Public entertainments licences

From 24th November 05 there will be no requirement of Public Entertainment's Licensing. Instead you will need a Premises Licence.
This does not effect Whist Drives, Coffee Mornings Bring and Buy or plant sales as these will not need a licence.
To hold any Disco, Kareokee or Concert with live music you will require a Premises Licence, you will need to obtain 3 forms from the Council 10 days in advance which you are required to fill in and send the 3 forms back to the Council they will keep one and sign the other and send it back to us if everything is ok, the Council will send the other copy to the Police and they will have 72hrs to object prior to the event. Even if the School hold a Concert with the children a Licence will be required.
You will be allowed 5 of these events in any 1 year. If more is required you will have to apply for a Personnel Licence.
A number of people can hold up to 5 events. To become a Licence holder you will be subjected to a Criminal Record check by the Police, need to attend a one-day course under the same rules as Landlords of Licensed Premises when you will sit an exam at the end. This will entitle you as a Licence Holder to hold up to 50 licensed events, but only 12 on one premise a year.
Alternatively you can get the Licence Holder of the Forest Arms, Ty- Mawr Glasfryn of the Black Lion to run the event under their name as they are Licence Holders.
Rules regarding the consumption of a glass of wine, which sometimes the W.I and the Parents and Friends of the School do, can be consumed on the premises as long as they bring their own and don't sell it, as soon as they charge for it then the Premises Licence comes into force with a charge of £21
Bottle Stalls and Raffle's whether they contain alcohol or spirits are exempt as they are not opened and consumed on the premises, and as long as it is for Charity.
The supplying of food on the Premises, ie. Making sandwiches and serving cakes to Harvest Festival or any other celebration is not affected, neither are demonstrations such as Wine Tasting.

Youth Page?

Would the young people in the church like to write a youth page for Clychau’r Cwm? This could take the form of a colour supplement of a folded sheet of A4.

Jim’s Hymns

noteTo increase the variety of Hymns sung in our three churches, we have started meeting regularly to sing hymns old and new. Old ones you love but haven’t heard in church lately and wish to bring back.

New ones you have heard and would like to hear sung in church. We would especially like to hear Welsh hymns. We meet on alternate Wednesdays (our next date is 30th Nov) at 7pm for about an hour at the Old Tailors in Brechfa. All are welcome (from any church or no church) and our current aim is to produce an item for the (Brechfa) Christmas Carol service.

Jim King

A Question

John Jones remembers a little Christmas song that his father always sang and he was taught it by his mother (so that would have been in the 1920's). It obviously from the depression and maybe sung by an orphan. If any one else has heard the song or if they know any more verses could they let John know. He has never heard any one else sing it. If you want to know the tune then John can sing it for you.

Why don't Santa Claus bring anything to me
Why does he never, never call
All the other girls and boys get plenty of toys
But I get nothing at all
I hear the church bell ringing
and I see the Christmas tree
well I must have been a very, very naughty little boy
for he never brought anything to me.