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Editorís Letter

African MealWe had a great harvest this year. Thank you to everyone who helped make the services and teas a success. While we give thanks for our harvests, we ought to remember that there are many parts of the world where the harvest has not been good. In early December we had a meal and talk to raise money for Christian Aid. Ephraim Disi from Malawi spoke to us about his experiences as an HIV+ pastor in Africa. We raised £256 towards the work of Christian aid.
Now harvest is behind us and we are looking forward to Christmas. It is very easy to get caught up in shopping, parties, presents and carols but these arenít the most important thing for me. For me the idea that God loves us so much that God wanted to share in the troubles of our world is the most important thing. The story of Godís birth is not one of palaces and kings, but a story about poverty, exploitation and cruelty. Christmas demands that we do something about these things in the world.

The Vicar