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Exploring Faith

Over the last two years a small group have enjoyed meeting together week by week to explore faith.

We spent one term studying the old , another term considering the changing role or mission of the Church throughout the centuries and last term we tried to make sense of theology, faith seeking understanding.

On one session every term we have enjoyed meeting with other Exploring Faith groups in the Diocese. On these occasions we have also been privileged to have input from distinguished speakers. This term we will be focussing on the Galatians. Course members read one or two chapters a week of the selected textbook in readiness for the discussion evening.

The textbook costs £20& is yours to keep. (This works out at £1.50 per session). If you have been thinking about exploring faith, September is a good time to start as we begin the first of a new series of ten sessions. Please see the diary for the dates.


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